This Wild and Untamed Land

Tim's diary 13

We cross the river, and come across a gnome riding a Donkey. He introduces himself as Dr. Stebe, convinces us of his worth, and is allowed to join the group.

A grig named Fig Fizzlefit ambushes us, points his tiny bow at Dorn, and demands wine. Dorn accommodates him, and he begins leading us through the next area.

We hear an animal in a trap, and go over to investigate. There is a Thylacine (cat) in a pit trap, and Aegon and Stebe fall in. Cat attacks them, and we vanquish it, leaving its body for the hunter who caught it.

In the next area, we find a thicket full of Fangberry bushes. They are quite thorny, and there are spider webs all over. As several party members enter the thicket, a swarm of small spiders attack. The swarm is defeated by Stebe’s acid balms, which he and Dorn throw at the spiders. Collecting Fangberries for the hermit we met 2 months ago, the party suffers many cuts and lacerations.

We begin traveling back to the hermit’s hut. Making camp, we are attacked by a will-o-the-wisp. The wisp severely injures Andando, then Tim finishes it off with a magic missile.

We make our way to the hermit’s hut and give him the Fangberries. Tim and Dorn buy a few potions from the hermit, at a discount. We then return to Oleg’s outpost to heal and craft items. Kazooie receives the Cure Light Wounds wand he had ordered from Oleg.

Dr. Steeb's Log 1

Finally encountered fellow adventurers under the charter by the King-Regent.

Introduced myself and demonstrated a few of my talents. I still have a ways to go as a Grenadier if my allies are in danger of my bombs, making notes on how to exclude them from the radius of my demolitions.

Met a grig, Fig Fizzleflit. Grigs know our band to have strong whine and can be bought with alcohol by the milliliter. Amusing, but important to note that the boasts of grigs are not to be believed. First sign of potential trouble and the fey disappeared. Perceptive little critters though. Intriguing.

Fell into a pit trap today, tumbled to relative safety only bruising my ego. I need to think things through, thought I could snipe into the pit with my crossbow, poor choice, ground gave way. Thylacine died without tearing me up with its massive jaws. I believe it in the marsupial family. Interestingly this species was thought to be extinct by science. Must send word back to the university when I again reach Oleg’s. (Rolled a 27 on knowledge: nature)

Fangberry harvest was…interesting. Had to remove my gauntlet and get out the heavy gloves. Swarming spiders were problematic, allies retreated, Barbarian stood and fought. When enough of the spiders had been dissolved the swarm dispersed, no doubt to recoup their numbers. Dorn, barbarian seemed upset though, might be he hasn’t acknowledged me as a fellow warrior. Could be problematic, need to make calibrations to my demolitions technique, test theories in practice. Fangberries made a tasty, if somewhat difficult to de-thorn, meal for a day’s worth of travel.

Will o’ the Wisp made a harrowing foe. Dangerous thing, electrocuted the Chellishman and the cook. Took a sample of it’s ichor for study. Possible lighter-than-air transmutation possible, ligter-than-air buoyancy and propulsion could be achieved for hours. Beyond my capabilities at this time, but bears further investigation. Properties of biological/supernatural invisibility are now closer within my reach. Essential oils of jellyfish possible ingredient in infusion.

Returned to Olegs. Hellknight Armor crafting an intriguing possibility, it will take the better part of six months, six months we don’t want to spend right now. Stag Lord probably knows we are looking for him. The sooner put the bandit down the better I’ll sleep at night.

Tim's diary 12

Another week of meager accomplishments.

Aegon finds us near the statue of Aristel, and brings two more adventures with him; a fighter type named Beltron, and a nature expert named Caeli, who has a pet elk.

We explore the area around the statue, then move on. In the next area we discover the corpse of a unicorn, probably killed by a slay living spell, with its horn broken off. While examining it, we are attacked by a large owlbear. After finishing off the owlbear, we find its lair, which is devoid of treasure and contains no unicorn parts.

In the next area, we find a place to possibly cross the river, then notice a partial dam made of bodies and a tatzlwyrm. The tatzlwyrm, plus two more from its lair attack us. After finishing them off, Caeli discovers a well equipped human corpse in the river. The man had a nice set of armor, a masterwork sword, a map, and some other interesting effects.

Tim's diary 11

We meet up with Grautha at Oleg’s, and she brings everyone back up to full health. Tim says an extra prayer of thanks to her God, Pharasma.

Before heading out the next morning, we are greeted by a man named Haakon who says that he would like to join our group. After lots and lots and lots and lots of getting acquainted, he joins, and we head south of the Thorn River Camp once again.

Guunth wants to celebrate his victory over the werewolf he wrestled. The hunters go hunting for game in the evening, but manage to catch only two rabbits. Unsatisfied, Guunth goes back out that night, and is still missing when we awake the next morning. After 6 hours of searching, we find him, dazed and confused, and showing evidence of having been attacked by a werewolf.

The next evening, there is a full moon. We chain Guunth and observe him. He does not turn into a werewolf that night, but he does the following night. After that, he is no longer affected until the next full moon.

We find some stone structures (ruins) in a swampy area inhabited by large, tusked, talking frogs. Guunth talks to the leader, pleasantries are exchanged, then we go on our way.

Two days later, we find a 15 foot tall, overgrown statue of Aristel. We are impressed and camp nearby. Grautha reminds the group that Pharasma has been healing their wounds. Tim feels the impact of her words.

Tim's diary 10

Traveling south past the Thorn River Camp, we are attacked by the Tatzlworm. After defeating it, we save it’s head, as per Oleg’s request. The next day we find a boar’s shelter, strewn with animal bones. We decide to attempt to ambush the beast, then decide to set a trap. While setting the trap, the boar shows up and attacks. It is extremely large and deals severe damage, and it occurs to us that this could be Tuskgutter, the boar from whose head Oleg would like to make head cheese. After a victorious battle, we take his head with us too.

On the way back to Oleg’s, we are attacked by a pack of wolves, the horses get spooked, and Dorn, who does not dismount quickly enough, gets carried away from the battlefield. Tim bravely fights off, and kills a wolf. He, Aegon, and Kazooie are congratulated by Dorn when Dorn shows up, after defeating the wolves.

We return to Oleg’s and collect the rewards for the Tatzlworm and Tuskgutter. We spend a day resting to recover from our previous outing, then head south again.

Camping that night, Aegon and Tim fail to notice a Shambling Mound sneak into camp. We are alerted to the danger as Kazooie screams in pain. The battle proves to be the most difficult the group has ever fought. Dorn, Aegon, Kazooie, and Anando are rendered unconscious, before Tim deals the Mound the killing blow.

Tim has Naleska heal Dorn before he dies, then places (with some help from Jacoby) Dorn, Aegon, Kazooie, and Anando on Naleska’s wagon. Tim and Naleska take the injured comrades back to Oleg’s to heal.

Tim's diary 9

Tim and Aegon travel south to explore along the river. We find an area with a rickety bridge. Tim and Aegon, crossing one at a time, and make it across without incident. We leave Naleska with her wagon, and the others behind. Suffering a few injuries after fighting a bear and a giant centipede, we return to Oleg’s.

Tim's diary 8

We return to Oleg’s to spend the night and heal. Exploring the next day, we are attacked by 5 wolves, which we kill.

Next, we are walking along, when Grautha gets hit in the hat by a ball of leaves and honey dropped from above. Bees come after the honey, and we run to a pond with Grautha to clean off the honey. The sun is setting, and we have to set up camp near by. Dorn discerns that the attack was likely a prank pulled by grigs, the faerie folk we recently encountered. He leaves some wine for them. The faeries show up to drink it, in the company of a pseudo dragon. They talk to us, apologize, and tell us that they accidentally killed the man who laid the bear traps through a prank turned deadly. They take us to the man’s corpse. The body has no valuables or anything that would help us identify him.

Back at camp, we are attacked by a tusked frog in the night, which we quickly slay.

After another day of exploring, we are again attacked during the night. We are ambushed by 5 bandits. The bandits attack the night watch, Tim and Grautha, and render Grautha unconscious, but not before Tim and Grautha wake the fighters. After defeating the bandits, we beseech Nalesca for one of her favors. She agrees and brings Grautha to consciousness for a 10 GP fee.

The next day, a traveller carrying a crossbow crosses our path. He doesn’t seem to want any trouble, yet Guunth challenges him to a wrestling match. The stranger agrees, and strips down, as Guunth has, while the rest of us watch. As the match begins, the stranger turns into a werewolf. Despite this, Guunth manages to win the match, and the stunned werewolf drinks with us merrily afterwards.

Campfire History

On a night around the campfire***

Dorn: After traveling with you all for quite some time i’ve gathered you here tonight to tell you my past so that we might make a better future together. Few alive know my story but it begins in a mountain tribe whos name has been removed from my mind. I grew amongst my tribe as a normal child; (not small and weak like your cities here) but on equal footing with my peers based on our accomplishment. I made my first kill when I was 4 and by the time I was 6 I was a functional member of the tribe. The only other trait that I possessed that stood out besides my slightly larger build was a higher than normal intellect and wit that few others of the tribe possessed. I was tutored in as many skills as I could learn and by the time I was 8 I surpassed all others of ages 12 and below. It seemed i’d excel and achieve without end. However, unbeknownst to any in the tribe this year would be the tribes last. You see my tribe was under the impression that might was all you needed to be right and the best way to do this was in trophies. The tribe had been raiding Stone Giant tribes for years and after wiping out the entire tribe they would bring back the youngest to be reared and enslaved to our tribe. ……No one saw beyond the darkness that night as the last surviving member of the last raiding party collapsed just within the illuminated perimeter. He was battered and blooded to within an inch of his life. At that moment all I remember is my fellow tribesmen rushing to care for the injured man as a wave of Stone Giants rushed from the darkness and it was as if the earth began to rain from the sky. The survivor was part of a raiding party that not only failed in their misguided duties but had allowed himself to flee all the way back to our encampment with a horde at his heels. Most Stone Giant tribes would have never attacked the tribe at it’s home base due to our highly developed skills in killing them and our sheer force of numbers; which leads me to believe that they banded together amongst their tribes to wipe my old tribe off the face of the planet. They came upon us in wave after wave; tearing through hut, horse and man alike. Even the tribal giant slaves were decimated. My last moments I saw a huge boulder flying through the air and then there was black. ………I awoke later, hung upside down, pain shooting through my body and rage rushing through every part of me. Before my eyes was what was left of my old tribe; smoking, burning and completely demolished. No where did I see a living soul; not even of the attackers. I do not know why they strung me up, nor do I know why they let me live but I’ve thought about it for a long time now.

After untying my bonds I gathered what I could to help me survive. It amounted to a fur cloak and a drinking horn and dagger (Dorn pats the items at his belt). I headed in the opposite direction from my known attackers and after what seems like months of rage and savagery and being half dead I stumbled upon the most unlikely of places. ….The dryad of the glen’s name was Elrissa. She was fascinating and amazing all at the same time. She nurtured me back to health physically at first then emotionally and spiritually. ….Smiling…She would always call me, “My bumbling brute” I imagined my chaotic nature was what intrigued her but i’ll never truly know. She educated me through the years in the language of her people as well as another. I had the privilege to meet all types of fey and learn from them as well. She taught me how to survive in nature, listen to the trees and work with the wild. But most of all she taught me how to temper my rage. ……sad look….A forest fire took her life on my 20th birthday…….Loggers took her presence as a nuisance. ……My rage took the rest.

Since then i’ve traveled looking for purpose, for something that can make a difference. I believe that i’ve found it…….here ……..with you all.

Takes a drink from his horn then walks off into the darkness***** ….but is back by morning :p

Knight's Log I

This place is perilous and every bit as treturous as I was led to believe. After meeting my new companions we encountered a part of forest laden with bear traps, one of them got me in the leg. But we are close to completing the top section of the map. With each day we grow closer to Olegs I hope we reach it soon there is a message I wish to send out.

Tim's diary 7

After a long pause, Deus decides to that Countess Tessa is the girl for him, and returns to her.

A man on horseback rides up to our group and introduces himself as Aegon. He tells us that he is a Hell Knight, and on a mission to bring order to the land, and that Oleg sent him to join us. We agree.

We explore another area and kill one boar. The next day we explore another area and kill three boars. The next area we find is full of unmarked bear traps. Our group takes some leg damage from the traps, them come upon two tiny winged faeries. The faeries help us find and disarm the traps, as best they can, but we still take more injuries in the five days it takes us to clear the area.

In the next area, we find a troll, then discover a giant centipede. We start moving away from both creatures, and the troll leaves our range of vision. Tim starts moving away from the centipede, then decides to cast magic missiles at it. The centipede immediately attacks Tim, and renders him unconscious. Dorn charges over and kills the centipede.


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