This Wild and Untamed Land

Dr. Steeb's Log 1

Finally encountered fellow adventurers under the charter by the King-Regent.

Introduced myself and demonstrated a few of my talents. I still have a ways to go as a Grenadier if my allies are in danger of my bombs, making notes on how to exclude them from the radius of my demolitions.

Met a grig, Fig Fizzleflit. Grigs know our band to have strong whine and can be bought with alcohol by the milliliter. Amusing, but important to note that the boasts of grigs are not to be believed. First sign of potential trouble and the fey disappeared. Perceptive little critters though. Intriguing.

Fell into a pit trap today, tumbled to relative safety only bruising my ego. I need to think things through, thought I could snipe into the pit with my crossbow, poor choice, ground gave way. Thylacine died without tearing me up with its massive jaws. I believe it in the marsupial family. Interestingly this species was thought to be extinct by science. Must send word back to the university when I again reach Oleg’s. (Rolled a 27 on knowledge: nature)

Fangberry harvest was…interesting. Had to remove my gauntlet and get out the heavy gloves. Swarming spiders were problematic, allies retreated, Barbarian stood and fought. When enough of the spiders had been dissolved the swarm dispersed, no doubt to recoup their numbers. Dorn, barbarian seemed upset though, might be he hasn’t acknowledged me as a fellow warrior. Could be problematic, need to make calibrations to my demolitions technique, test theories in practice. Fangberries made a tasty, if somewhat difficult to de-thorn, meal for a day’s worth of travel.

Will o’ the Wisp made a harrowing foe. Dangerous thing, electrocuted the Chellishman and the cook. Took a sample of it’s ichor for study. Possible lighter-than-air transmutation possible, ligter-than-air buoyancy and propulsion could be achieved for hours. Beyond my capabilities at this time, but bears further investigation. Properties of biological/supernatural invisibility are now closer within my reach. Essential oils of jellyfish possible ingredient in infusion.

Returned to Olegs. Hellknight Armor crafting an intriguing possibility, it will take the better part of six months, six months we don’t want to spend right now. Stag Lord probably knows we are looking for him. The sooner put the bandit down the better I’ll sleep at night.


GrendelTodd archomedes

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