This Wild and Untamed Land

Tim's diary 10

Traveling south past the Thorn River Camp, we are attacked by the Tatzlworm. After defeating it, we save it’s head, as per Oleg’s request. The next day we find a boar’s shelter, strewn with animal bones. We decide to attempt to ambush the beast, then decide to set a trap. While setting the trap, the boar shows up and attacks. It is extremely large and deals severe damage, and it occurs to us that this could be Tuskgutter, the boar from whose head Oleg would like to make head cheese. After a victorious battle, we take his head with us too.

On the way back to Oleg’s, we are attacked by a pack of wolves, the horses get spooked, and Dorn, who does not dismount quickly enough, gets carried away from the battlefield. Tim bravely fights off, and kills a wolf. He, Aegon, and Kazooie are congratulated by Dorn when Dorn shows up, after defeating the wolves.

We return to Oleg’s and collect the rewards for the Tatzlworm and Tuskgutter. We spend a day resting to recover from our previous outing, then head south again.

Camping that night, Aegon and Tim fail to notice a Shambling Mound sneak into camp. We are alerted to the danger as Kazooie screams in pain. The battle proves to be the most difficult the group has ever fought. Dorn, Aegon, Kazooie, and Anando are rendered unconscious, before Tim deals the Mound the killing blow.

Tim has Naleska heal Dorn before he dies, then places (with some help from Jacoby) Dorn, Aegon, Kazooie, and Anando on Naleska’s wagon. Tim and Naleska take the injured comrades back to Oleg’s to heal.


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