This Wild and Untamed Land

Tim's diary 11

We meet up with Grautha at Oleg’s, and she brings everyone back up to full health. Tim says an extra prayer of thanks to her God, Pharasma.

Before heading out the next morning, we are greeted by a man named Haakon who says that he would like to join our group. After lots and lots and lots and lots of getting acquainted, he joins, and we head south of the Thorn River Camp once again.

Guunth wants to celebrate his victory over the werewolf he wrestled. The hunters go hunting for game in the evening, but manage to catch only two rabbits. Unsatisfied, Guunth goes back out that night, and is still missing when we awake the next morning. After 6 hours of searching, we find him, dazed and confused, and showing evidence of having been attacked by a werewolf.

The next evening, there is a full moon. We chain Guunth and observe him. He does not turn into a werewolf that night, but he does the following night. After that, he is no longer affected until the next full moon.

We find some stone structures (ruins) in a swampy area inhabited by large, tusked, talking frogs. Guunth talks to the leader, pleasantries are exchanged, then we go on our way.

Two days later, we find a 15 foot tall, overgrown statue of Aristel. We are impressed and camp nearby. Grautha reminds the group that Pharasma has been healing their wounds. Tim feels the impact of her words.


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