This Wild and Untamed Land

Tim's diary 12

Another week of meager accomplishments.

Aegon finds us near the statue of Aristel, and brings two more adventures with him; a fighter type named Beltron, and a nature expert named Caeli, who has a pet elk.

We explore the area around the statue, then move on. In the next area we discover the corpse of a unicorn, probably killed by a slay living spell, with its horn broken off. While examining it, we are attacked by a large owlbear. After finishing off the owlbear, we find its lair, which is devoid of treasure and contains no unicorn parts.

In the next area, we find a place to possibly cross the river, then notice a partial dam made of bodies and a tatzlwyrm. The tatzlwyrm, plus two more from its lair attack us. After finishing them off, Caeli discovers a well equipped human corpse in the river. The man had a nice set of armor, a masterwork sword, a map, and some other interesting effects.


GrendelTodd HugoBizarreski

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