This Wild and Untamed Land

Tim's diary 13

We cross the river, and come across a gnome riding a Donkey. He introduces himself as Dr. Stebe, convinces us of his worth, and is allowed to join the group.

A grig named Fig Fizzlefit ambushes us, points his tiny bow at Dorn, and demands wine. Dorn accommodates him, and he begins leading us through the next area.

We hear an animal in a trap, and go over to investigate. There is a Thylacine (cat) in a pit trap, and Aegon and Stebe fall in. Cat attacks them, and we vanquish it, leaving its body for the hunter who caught it.

In the next area, we find a thicket full of Fangberry bushes. They are quite thorny, and there are spider webs all over. As several party members enter the thicket, a swarm of small spiders attack. The swarm is defeated by Stebe’s acid balms, which he and Dorn throw at the spiders. Collecting Fangberries for the hermit we met 2 months ago, the party suffers many cuts and lacerations.

We begin traveling back to the hermit’s hut. Making camp, we are attacked by a will-o-the-wisp. The wisp severely injures Andando, then Tim finishes it off with a magic missile.

We make our way to the hermit’s hut and give him the Fangberries. Tim and Dorn buy a few potions from the hermit, at a discount. We then return to Oleg’s outpost to heal and craft items. Kazooie receives the Cure Light Wounds wand he had ordered from Oleg.


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