This Wild and Untamed Land

Tim's diary 7

After a long pause, Deus decides to that Countess Tessa is the girl for him, and returns to her.

A man on horseback rides up to our group and introduces himself as Aegon. He tells us that he is a Hell Knight, and on a mission to bring order to the land, and that Oleg sent him to join us. We agree.

We explore another area and kill one boar. The next day we explore another area and kill three boars. The next area we find is full of unmarked bear traps. Our group takes some leg damage from the traps, them come upon two tiny winged faeries. The faeries help us find and disarm the traps, as best they can, but we still take more injuries in the five days it takes us to clear the area.

In the next area, we find a troll, then discover a giant centipede. We start moving away from both creatures, and the troll leaves our range of vision. Tim starts moving away from the centipede, then decides to cast magic missiles at it. The centipede immediately attacks Tim, and renders him unconscious. Dorn charges over and kills the centipede.


GrendelTodd HugoBizarreski

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