This Wild and Untamed Land

Tim's diary 8

We return to Oleg’s to spend the night and heal. Exploring the next day, we are attacked by 5 wolves, which we kill.

Next, we are walking along, when Grautha gets hit in the hat by a ball of leaves and honey dropped from above. Bees come after the honey, and we run to a pond with Grautha to clean off the honey. The sun is setting, and we have to set up camp near by. Dorn discerns that the attack was likely a prank pulled by grigs, the faerie folk we recently encountered. He leaves some wine for them. The faeries show up to drink it, in the company of a pseudo dragon. They talk to us, apologize, and tell us that they accidentally killed the man who laid the bear traps through a prank turned deadly. They take us to the man’s corpse. The body has no valuables or anything that would help us identify him.

Back at camp, we are attacked by a tusked frog in the night, which we quickly slay.

After another day of exploring, we are again attacked during the night. We are ambushed by 5 bandits. The bandits attack the night watch, Tim and Grautha, and render Grautha unconscious, but not before Tim and Grautha wake the fighters. After defeating the bandits, we beseech Nalesca for one of her favors. She agrees and brings Grautha to consciousness for a 10 GP fee.

The next day, a traveller carrying a crossbow crosses our path. He doesn’t seem to want any trouble, yet Guunth challenges him to a wrestling match. The stranger agrees, and strips down, as Guunth has, while the rest of us watch. As the match begins, the stranger turns into a werewolf. Despite this, Guunth manages to win the match, and the stunned werewolf drinks with us merrily afterwards.


GrendelTodd HugoBizarreski

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