This Wild and Untamed Land

I don't like horses
Kazooie Journal Entry 2

I found myself in battle today with all those assholes, and a bunch of stupid horses were in the way when I tried to butt in. I pecked one of them on the rear, and instead of trampling the bandits, it tried to trample me! I had to calm that stupid thing down, and now that all that drama is done with, I have to ride the dumb beast! The thing keeps giving me looks like it wants to buck me off, but I’ve made it very clear that if it tries to do that it’s in more more ass-pecking.

One of the people in my party keeps eyeing me in a weird way. I overheard him say a backhanded comment about poultry which pisses me the hell off. If he so much as attempts to do anything of the sort he’s getting thrown into the fire before he even sees it coming. No respect for Breegulls, no goddamn respect.

Oleg's Outpost
Deus Journal/Inner thoughts 1

After leaving that prison I knew as a home for the last 18 years it feel good to be free. I’m now with a bunch of colorful characters who I met on the road. An elf with strange skin (do not touch) who always wheres a mask looks to be that magical type. A priestess of Ferismia and never shuts up about it (Charon is better). A quiet wizard content with his books (should steal later for research), another quiet human with a geartsword and look like he knows how to use it (I get the stange feeling that he is always watching us). A half-orc mounted warrior who talks to his two horses one of them looks fine but the other looks like it should have died years ago (i should kill it at some point… out of mercy). Finaly a talking bird named Kazooie fused to a bear like thing named Banjo they are strange (wonder how Kazooie would taste like cooked over a fire with good herbs and spices).

After many days on the road we finally reach the outpost then we met Oleg a large gruff man who get things done and has got a nice place out int the middle of nowhere making good money and with such a lovely young wife (annoyingly she is very to devoted to Oleg not a problem I haven’t faced before just on I would like to avoid…maby later). At dinner Oleg informs us that he has been troubled by bandits, we agreed to help him fight them of tomarow when they com to collect “taxes” (bought time I’ve been longing to cleave my sword through flesh once again).

Found a bunch of nincompoops
What a bunch of jerks

Kazooie Journal Entry 1

I don’t know how I got suckered into this. I’m stuck in a group full of jerks who’ve never even heard of a Breegull. All of them clearly have major psychological issues, but this one guy likes his horse juuuuust a bit too much, and another one keeps brooding for the sake of brooding and it’s getting annoying, fast.

I ended up in this tower in the middle of nowhere with some big guy with facial hair that looked like it was from his neither-regions and his tiny wife, whom I’m surprised doesn’t have any visible broken bones. She’s a whiner, and if it wasn’t out of necessity, I’d be saying exactly what I’ve been thinking.

I just need to hold out until I’m in a position to take back what’s rightfully mine in the forest. They’ll all see who has the last laugh. These jerks better be worth it.

Meeting at Oleg's
My new compatriot's are a fiesty bunch

Guunth Diary Entry 1

I met my new traveling companions. They all seem eager. Most of them are not able-bodied fighters, but they possess a strong affinity for wielding magic. I think that will prove more useful in the struggles to come, though I struggle to figure out how I can weave my skills with theirs. I challenged the only other strong one to a wrestling contest. He won, but only after he got real angry at me. I hope I didn’t insult his heritage somehow. I’ll practice my manners and be better next time. The younger one is noble born. All the maidens we passed on the road swooned at his heels, even the married ones. The devoted warrior of Forasma kept trying to convince me that my family horse, Mohrtawk, would be happy in his final resting place. I don’t think she understands that the clan shamans all predicted Mohrtawk would die bloodily in battle, which is why I’m just happy he’s lived this long. I’ve noticed that strange bear and his bird companion keep eyeing Morhtawk. Perhaps they are formulating a way to extend their animal speak to my faithful companion. Tim and Focus’ magic could be impressive, but I have not seen them wield it in combat. I look forward to seeing what magic they will unleash against the bandits of the Stolen Lands. It should be a sight to see. We have arrived at Oleg’s Outpost. He is overrun by bandits, but only once a month. We shall be the cure to his ailes. Is that even a word? That reminds me, I really need to hire a minstrel to chronicle our heroism. May my lance find my enemies. Ooh, that’s good. I’ll use that when I charge in to battle.


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