This Wild and Untamed Land

Tim's diary 6

In the Halls of Nazur Thun, we come upon a moss filled room in which Tim’s light spell is extinguished, but torch light functions. A further room has walls covered in scrawled graffiti. A read magic spell reveals two 1st level wizard spells.

The next room we find has writing only Dorn can read. He drops to his knees, and the rest of us in the room follow suit. Another door opens, revealing an old man dressed in gold sitting on a stone throne. He is aloof and calls us fools. We believe the man to be Nazur Thun. The man indirectly confirms he is, but does not say it directly. We see no reason to fight the man, though he and Deus trade insults. We pull Deus out of the room and explore further.

In another room, we come upon a man stranded in a pit who looks just like the man in the last room, but is friendly and is dressed in rags. This man claims to be Nazur Thun, and asks to be helped out of the pit. Dorn helps the man, but his body quickly decays, and Dorn is left holding his skull. We return to the room with the man dressed in gold to question him. Deus soon grow impatient and attacks him. Upon being hit, the man’s body bursts into a swarm of flies, which quickly fly past us and out of sight.

Next, we enter a room with a statue, and a key on a mantel. Deus tries to take the key, and the statue attacks. After a tough battle, the statue is shattered.

We return to the room with the woman who claimed to be Nazur Thun’s wife, and show her his skull. She thanks us and gives Guunth her wedding ring, which is magical and aides in swimming. The group thinks that Deus would be a happier person if he had the love of a good woman, this woman, but he declines.

The next room we find contains 5 giant centipedes. A fight ensues in which Deus is seriously wounded. We dispatch the centipedes, and find a semi-valuable gem inside a human skull.

The final unexplored room is the ruins of a throne room. We collect the gold leaf that used to decorate the throne, then return to the surface.

Tim's diary 5
With only slight revisions from Anando

Entering the Halls of Nazier Thun, we find a half caved in room with a buried chest. trying to extract the chest, we are attacked by waves of skeleton guards, which we dispatch with some difficulty, until we finally extract the chest and the 200 GP within.

Exploring, Guunth finds a room with a beautiful woman and her zombie servants. Also in the room is a bandit corpse, and the lady is munching on His arm. The woman claims that she is the wife of Nazier Thun, and has been waiting in this room for his return for what seems like an eternity. We suspect the woman is undead, but decide to leave her in peace for the time being.

  • (Anando adds…) The explorers travelled into a strange crystalline cavern network. There was an oddly geometrically perfect hall, where they find sinister versions of themselves reflected back at them. Only Deus seemed to find his reflection appealing. In the tunnels beyond they found a cul-de-sac where the crystals contained inky blackness. When Deus tried to pick one up, he vanished momentarily. Upon his reappearance, he told of visiting some darkly distorted version of the same caves. Despite his urgings, the party continued on.

Next, we find a room with a magic circle of greater summoning. Tim decides not to play with the circle, but Deus and Kazooie start experimenting. Deus seems to come out of the experience unaffected, but Kazooie seems physically drained.

Following a passage, we are attacked by a 4 tentacled rock monster. It stops moving after a short battle, and we attempt to collect its body for its supernatural properties.

Tim's diary 4

Kreesle, the leader of the bandit tribe we defeated fails to die of her injuries, which causes a dilemma for the group. We take her back to Oleg’s. Two adventures are in favor of executing her for her crimes. Instead, we question her at length, and learn all the same information given to us earlier by her henchman, Job. In return, she is allowed to head off into the wilderness, alone and unarmed, but alive.

Exploring to the south, we discover a ruined shrine to the god Aristel, where we are attacked by an odd bear. We triumph, and as the bear lies dying, it transforms into an old man who thanks us before he crumbles into dust.

To the west, we come upon a foul smelling area with a small waterfall along the aptly named Skunk River. There we are attacked by two giant frogs. Anando is delighted after our victory, and can’t wait to cook all his favorite frog dishes. There is a hot springs here, in which Anando, Jacoby, Job, and Nalesca immediately jump. They claim the water has a positive affect on them. We may want to return here in the future.

Exploring further, we stumble upon what seems to be the Cairn of the Sorcerer, as noted on the map that Guunth carries. We find an entry way there to an underground structure labeled, The Halls of Nazar Thun.

Tim's diary 3

After regrouping at Oleg’s, and after far, far, far too much discussion, the group decides to head south and look for the bandits who have been busy robbing and ransacking the area.

Crossing the river, we are ambushed by eight bandits. The battle begins with a thunderous noise that deafens Tim and Grautha. A fight ensues in which all party members besides Grautha (who is busy healing us) are severely wounded by arrows. After killing six bandit (three by Dorn), one runs off, and the last one surrenders.

The last bandit, who Dorn has converted into our servant, shows us where his band has been stashing loot. He tell us that much of the loot is tribute to the Staglord (who will come looking for it) and that there are several bands of bandits in the hills working for the Staglord. We return to Oleg’s once more to regroup.

Anando’s addendum:

In the interest of completion, I add the following facts my master has overlooked in his account. In addition to the other bandits they have killed or captured we have their chief, Kreesle, a savage woman who seemed to enjoy the fight, even as she fell. She still lives, barely, and it is likely the party will have to decide what to do with her upon our return.

The repentant bandit, Job, has been going out of his way to be of assistance, yet Dorn keeps threatening to kill him and seems to be making something of a slave out of him. I wonder if the Kellish barbarian has ever heard of the Six River Freedoms? Specifically the one about living free and not to make slaves of others? I had kin who escaped slavery in Devil-haunted Chelliax. I have no great love for lawbreakers, but if his onerous treatment much of Job persists and he does intend to make a slave or indentured servant of him, much as it pains me I may need to seek employment elsewhere.

Tim's diary

Mickmeck the kobold informs us that another kobold, Tartuk who has purple scales, curses kobolds of the Sootscale tribe if they do not do his bidding. Mickmeck leads us to a hidden cave where he tribe lives. We talk to Chief Sootscale, then give him the valuable statue we found, which he immediately smashes. He and ca. 9 other kobolds head off to attack Tartuk with Tim and Kazooie in tow. Tartuk is killed, the kobolds rejoice (believing Tartuk’s curses to now be broken), and Sootscale offers to make peace with the humans.

Though Tartuk had little time to cast any spells, he seemed to have been a magic user, with spellbook, and wand, which we take as treasure. From the small hoard of kobold cash Tartuk had confiscated, Chief Sootscale pulls out a ring, which he presents us as a reward. We return to Oleg’s, and the ring turns out to be his wife’s lost ring. We turn it over to him, and he grants us store credit as a reward.

More game play

Just a thought to speed up and get more game play. Can we start a log that will give a synopsis of the past game so that the people that missed it will know what happened without taking up game time the next time we get together.

Anando's Journal, first entry
I can explain... No, let me sum up...

17th of Pharast, 4713
As I shiver in this god-forsaken cold, under this god-forsaken Sycamore tree, I ask my self – again – what possesed me to follow these… adventurers… out into the middle of the Stolen Lands. Perhaps smeday I will note down that ill-fated night, when the Swordlords’ representative got me good and drunk and sold me on following this “Wild Bunch” to see if they needed the services of an excellent steward. Well, it was mighty fine mushroom ale, and I said yes, and now I’m here.

And it is damnably cold.

I arrived at Oleg’s Outpost some two weeks ago, after a brutal ride from Restov. THe Outpost, as you might guess, was a pit – one of those ramshackle roadhouses reclaimed and rebuild out of an older abandoned fort so popular amongst bandits or retired adventurers. Well, Oleg and his wife were neither, and yet had encountered both in their allarmingly recent past. Apparently a band of bandits had been shaking them down for the last three or four months, and my soon to be employers had just done the couple a favor and made a proper example out of the most recent would-be “tax” collectors. Oleg was quite happy for the help – he’d requested aid from Restov some time ago, and had initially thought the motley band of heroes were the soldiers he’d requested. Well, they weren’t, but they id the job just fine, leaving the bandits’ heads on stakes along the nearby road. Captain Garess and his men – the actual guardsmen sent by the City of the Swordlords – were actually a little disappointed they’d missed the fight when our company arrived.

The saviors were not in residence when we arrived. They had spared one of the bandits – he had repented, so they say, and was willing to lead them to where the rest were camped out, so they’d all taken off with him to catch the bandit gang and make them pay. Something about recovering Oleg’s wife Svetlana’s wedding ring may have been mentioned, and him offering a big fat reward in store credit too. My traveling companions settled in: Captain Garess set about nailing up several wanted posters (rewards for Sneeg, the Stag Lord, and Bandits in general – though he alluded to the fact that the band of adventurers had likely killed and made enough of an example with the parade of heads leading up to the Outpost as to have earned the last reward), as well as a reward for settling growing concerns over recent Kobold incursions, peaceably or no. This so inspired Oleg as to post few reward posters of his own, though moe for trophies to put up on the walls: tatzelwurm heads and Tuskgutter’s tusks seem to have particularly caught his interest. Myself, I spent the day or so before the bands’ return playing “King of the Stump” with Jacobi, a porter who had also recently arrived looking for work.

Well, the company returned, and I persuaded them to take me and Jacobi on. Their Wizard, Tim, is far less uncivilized than he apears to be, being the principle voice in favor of my hiring. As it turned out they had spent the two days they were gone exploring out to the edge of the Narlmarches, where they had found a band of sleeping Kobolds in a Moonradish patch. Having been asked to gather some for Svetlana for a… private matter… they had considered slaughtering the bunch, but instead managed to restrain their baser urges and negotiated a trade of a basket of the mystical radishes for their spare horse (which the Kobolds intimated wuld make a nice feast for their tribe).

I suppose I should pause and discuss these rugged heroes who had answered the Swordlords’ call for explorers. While I can’t quite recall what they called themselves (“Dragon…” something… Dragoneyes? No, that’s not it…) I have since been referring to them as the “Wild Bunch” for their seemingly rough nature. Ah well, uncivilized though they may be, they have the good graces to be my employers. They are currently as follows:

  • Tim – Quiet and soft spoken, but as rugged as the rest of them, he is surprisingly a wizard of no small power.
  • Dorn – A Kellish barbarian with a big sword, a lot of muscle, and almost no fear.
  • Deus – I hesitate to say, but I suspect he is the bastard son of a certain high-ranked member of the Sertovan family who’ mistress was something… other than human. Rumor has it he’s not right in the head, and given the way he talks, I may yet agree.
  • Focus – the creepiest elf I think I’ve ever met, hidden as he is in his dark robes. Definitely has something wrong with his skin, much as he tries to hide it under his robes.
  • Grautha – a half-orc wandering preacher of Pharasma, she has a slight preoccupation with making sure the rest of us are “right with the goddess of death before we go.”
  • Guunth Pale-dragon – a well meaning, and seemingly noble and just (if a tad dim-witted) half-orc Cavalier of the Order of Pale-Dragons. His horse, Sabre, may be smarter than he is.
  • Khazooie – a queer bird, literally. A Breegul from the forests of Restov, rather rare as I understand, and this one is an outcast from his (her?) tribe as I understand it. Usually in the company of Banjo, an Eidolon in the shape of a wierd-looking bipedal riding-bear.
  • Gel’nock – the repentant bandit, a half-orc with shifty eyes.
  • Elf-with-no-name – he actually has a name, starts with C I believe, but its’ elvish and hard to pronounce. Damn fine shot with a bow though, or so I am told.

Well, that is the company. Most of them went off to escort a caravan back to Restov, while I followed Tim, Khazooie and Dorn for the next week, fighting wild boars and giant spiders, ran from trolls and looted hidden catches of buried treasure. We did meet Bokken, a somewhat crazy hermit living some miles east of the Outpost, who offered to make the company some potions if they could only bring him some Fangberries. He also mentioned some nonsense about having an evil twin brother who also lives as a hermit, somewheres to the south.

It was good to be back at Oleg’s after that, but we didn’t stick around long. Meeting briefly the new arrivals at the Outpost (Anza the Jay, a local hunter, Naleska, a very companionable Varisian, Father Jhod, a traveling priest of Eristil, and a recently returned Deus), we heard a story about an abandoned Temple (a lost holy site dedicated to the Elk god) before setting out again, this time joined again by Deus (who was close to wearing out his welcome, given his infatuation with Svetana). Naleska has also attached herself to our expedition, offering her healing and spellcasting services along with her “charms.” She has her own wagon, and is willing to give Javobi a ride as well.

This bring us to this last (relatively) uneventful week, the highlights of which must have been the tragic haunt we encountered at Nettle’s Landing; none other than Davik Nettles himself, the former watchman of the (former) bridge, apparently a victim of the Stag Lord himself. This Stag Lord, we’ve come to hear, considers himself king of all the bandits here in the stolen lands, and is a nasty peace of work. Davik stated we’d best toss his body in the river, if we ever wish to cross.

Which brings us to today, when we came across this bloody tree. A hundred feet tall, a least You can see it for miles, and according to Tim it’s infested with Mites (the nasty little faerie kind, not the nasty little bug kind). He, Deus, Dorn & Khazooie made a foray, coming back injured, having apparently met some resistance in the way of Mites and a truly exceptional specimen of centipede. While they were down there they rescued MikMek, last survivor of a band of Kobolds who had come to retrieve a stolen holy statue from their hated enemies. In the interim of their first foray we were found by Grautha and Focus, who had tracked us down to let us know the rest of the company had made it bak to Olegs. With Tim and Khazooie both suffering acute attacks of claustrophobia, it was agreed that Grautha & Focus would take their place, and the four went back down with MikMek to finish the job.
They have returned triumphant! After fighting their way through a Centipede Hatchery and a truly atrocious horde of the little blue meanies (the leader of which was riding a giant tick! Imagine!) they have managed to return with both statue and loot besides. Now we discuss plans for escorting the little Kobold back to his tribe, the Sootscales, where he promises rewards, and the company hopes to barter some sort of alliance with the little scaled monsters.

Well, I do hope it’s a tad warmer where they live. It’s too damned cold!

Quests, quests, quests
Tim's diary

We have now been exploring the area around Oleg’s Trading Post for approximately two weeks. Dorn, Kazooie, and Tim traded a spare horse to some kobolds for a sack of Moon Radishes, which we then gave to Oleg’s wife. We hired Anando, a scholar, sage, & chef, and Jacoby, a porter. There was a gypsy at the outpost, and Kazooie had her pluck some of his feathers before we continue our qusets. Later, in the wildness, we were attacked by & killed two wild boars. We took the carcasses back to Oleg, who gave us rations for the meat. Back in the wilderness we were attacked by a spider. After triumphing, we discovered a human corpse in it’s lair. The corpse’s clothing contained a treasure map. We followed the map to a tree south of Oleg’s, and found a masterwork dagger, a spellbook, a wand (burning hands), & a ring (non-magical) buried there.

Back at the trading post, we were joined by Deus, then hired Valesca, a woman who has a gypsy wagon, has some healing abilities, and is very friendly. Back in the wilderness, we came upon a bridge. The man who used to run the bridge, Devik Netel, seemed to have been turned into an undead creature. He will allow us to cross the river once we throw the body of Stallord (from another quest) in it. We left, and went on to explore other areas. We stumble upon an area that contains a type of small (2 foot ?) creatures called mites. We discover a lair underneath a tree. After killing two mites in a quick battle, we come upon five more. They have tortured three kobolds to death, and are working on a fourth. We kill two mites, and the others flee. The kobold we rescued joins the party. Exploring the lair further, Dorn, Deus, and Kazooie climb down 20 feet into a large chamber, and are met by a giant centipede. The centipede renders Deus unconscious, but the rest of us, led by Dorn exterminate it. We are heading back to the surface to meet up with the hired help. We will have to consider the parties condition before deciding if we should go on in the wilderness or return to Oleg’s.

The Moonradish Patch
What to do with the Kobolds

We are attempting to honor Svetlya’s request to gather moon radishes, but a small group of kobolds have picked the patch clean. They guard their “haul” jealously. With their dragon speak, negotiations have yielded either a possible trade for a horse or a threat of bodily harm.
The fate of the kobolds is in the hands of our two draconic speakers…

The fighting begins

“Tim” was impressed by how quickly his companions dispatched the brigands at Oleg’s Trading Post. He was much less impressed after the battle with all the squabbling over treasure, and the extreme views about how to treat others (from kill or rob every creature to give every creature alms (or so it seemed to Tim)). Grautha seems nice and helpful, Gunnth seems good, perhaps too good. Kazooie is odd but tolerable, Focus seems smart but evil, and Deus seems crazy. Haven’t formed any clear opinion yet of the other characters. The kobolds: Would like to just give them something reasonable for their Moon Radishes and be done with them, or kill them if we deem them evil.


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