Book of Days



Abadius (31 days)

23. Party awarded Exploration Charter for territory around Oleg’s Outpost from the Swordlords of Restov & set out.
30. Party arrives at Oleg’s Outpost; hears about bandit troubles.
31. Party ambushes Bandits; explore arround Oleg’s Outpost.

Calistril (28 days)

  1. Explore between Olegs & the Narlmarches.
  2. Encounter Kobolds at the Moon-radish Patch and make a trade.
  3. Hire hirelings Anando & Jacobi; explore north and west of Olegs.
  4. Start exploring south east of Olegs; encounter some hunters and later some wild boars.
  5. Continue exploring south & east of Olegs; kill a giant Hunting Spider and find a treasure map.
  6. Rest back at Olegs.
  7. Explore eastward; find the Hermit Boken.
  8. Explore further east; hear a troll and flee south.
  9. Explore south & eastward; find Oaktree marked on map & retrieve hidden cache of wizard’s treasure.
  10. Journey back to Olegs.
  11. Explore north & east of Olegs
  12. Explore further east.
  13. Explore south & east of Hermit Boken’s hut.
  14. Explore south & east of Spider’s Nest.
  15. Explore river’s edge; find Nettle’s Crossing and make a deal with Nettle.
  16. Explore around the Old Sycamore; rescue MikMek & aid him in recovering statue from Mites.
  17. While rest of Party return to Olegs, Tim & Khazooie travel south to the Sootscale Caverns to return the statue to the Kobolds; Chief smashes statue & invites them to help him rid his tribe of an evil shaman, which they do; alliance with Sootscales established.
  18. Explore north of Old Sycamore,
  19. Return to Olegs (800gp reward promised in one week’s time for settling business with Kobolds).
  20. Hunt down Bandit’s at Thorn River Camp; Bandits defeated & Kressle captured; return to Olegs (Job the repentant Bandit agrees to go through Dorn’s Bandit rehabilitation program).
  21. Kressle questioned, then set loose; return to Thorn River Camp.
  22. Explore westward into Narlmarches; find Elk Temple & slay bear; camp at Temple.
  23. Continue west; find hot-springs and giant Frogs at the end of the Skunk River.
  24. Explore further west.
  25. Explore north; run into an Elk.
  26. Explore south & east.
  27. Explore north again; find the Caern of the Sorcerer; find a ghoulish maiden, the Contessa Xeil Roma, and agree to search for her husband, the sorcerer Nazur Thun.
  28. Find two different beings claiming to be the ancient sorcerer Nazur Thun; with one dead & the other vanished, they give the confused news to his weeping bride, who thanks them & gives them her ring; Winter finally ends.


Vernal Equinox – Planting Week (Erastil)

Pharast (31 days)

  1. Deus leaves the party to “comfort” the Contessa Xeil Roma; Exploring north-west of the Caern, they encounter Aegon, a wandering Hellknight in training, who joins them; they encounter and kill a wild boar, then butcher it to supplement their rations.
  2. Explore eastward; encounter 3 wild boar; Guunth gets hungry for raw meat.
  3. Explore south-east.
  4. Explore south -east into the Narlmarches; stumble into bear-traps.
  5. Day of Bones (Pharasma); exploration slows as they encounter more bear-traps; attract the attention of Grigs, but they persuade the faeries to help them find the traps.
  6. Yet more bear-traps found.
  7. Even more bear-traps.
  8. Spend the day flagging and disarming all the bear-traps.
  9. Explore westward; minor pranks take place.
  10. Still exploring, they are ambushed by a Whip-tale Centipede.
  11. Attacked by a pack of hungry wolves; someone dumps a beehive on the party and laughs as they run from the swarm; that night the party manage finally to make peace with the Grig Tyg-titter-tut & the Faery Dragon Perlivash.
  12. Finish exploring that part of the Narlmarches.
  13. Head north and find the body of the Trapper responsible for all the earlier bear-traps; Tyg & Perlivash admit they tricked him into one of his own traps; that night the camp is attacked by a Slurk.
  14. Explore northern plains; that night they fight off a bandit ambush.
  15. Explore eastern plains.
  16. Explore further east; a chance run in on the road introduces them to Wraskel the Werewolf; he & Guunth wrestle, and though Guunth wins the match, he gets bitten.
  17. Return to Olegs.
  18. Aegon & Tim, along with Job, Anando, Jacobi & Naleska, travel south to the Old Sycamore; The rest of the Explorers guide Father Jhod Kavken to the abandoned Temple of Erestil and spend the next several days making sure he’s settled in.
  19. Traveling west they fight a Grizzly Bear near an old rickety bridge.
  20. Tim and Aegon finish exploring the west bank of the bridge and surrounding area, leaving the rest of the team at base-camp; the two manage to defeat a Whip-tale Centipede.
  21. Travel back to Olegs
  22. Travel from Olegs to Thorn River Camp; ambushed en-route by a Tatzlwyrm, which they kill and take the head of for a trophy for Oleg.
  23. Exploring south-west of camp, they find Tuskgutter’s lair and spring an ambush on the old Dire Boar; take his head for reward back at Olegs’.
  24. Journey back to Thorn River Camp.
  25. Attacked while travelling back to Oleg’s Outpost by hungry wolves.
  26. Spend day resting up at Oleg’s Outpost.
  27. Spend another day recovering.
  28. Return to Thorn River Camp; ambushed that night by a Shambling Mound that nearly kills everyone.
  29. Return to Olegs Outpost where Grautha heals everyone.
  30. 1st night of the Full Moon: Return to Thorn River camp; Guunth’s first transformation.
  31. 2nd night of the Full Moon: Travel to Tuskgutter’s lair; Guunth doesn’t change while tied to a tree.

Gozran (30 days)

  1. 3rd Night of the Full Moon: Meet a Boggard living in some ruins while exploring west of Tuskgutter’s lair; Guunth changes while tied up that night.
  2. Exploring westward, past the Boggard’s hut, they find a statue of Erastil at the wood’s edge.
  3. Finishing exploring forest around statue.
  4. Travel south-west of Statue of Erastil.
  5. Explore forest
  6. Explore forest
  7. Explore forest; find dead unicorn & are attacked by an Owlbear.
  8. Finish exploring that section of the Narlmarches.
  9. Move eastward; explore up and down river, looking for a way to cross.
  10. Find a suitable fording place to cross the river, but are attacked by three Tatzlwyrms lairing there; find the body of a dead explorer in their nest.
  11. Return to Olegs to take a week off
  12. Downtime
  13. Downtime
  14. Downtime
  15. Downtime
  16. Downtime
  17. Downtime
  18. Downtime
  19. Travel to the Kameland Hills
  20. Travel to the Old Sycamore Tree
  21. Explore river-crossing
  22. Follow river to the Fort; defeat the Stag Lord and his crew (Akiros sides with our heroes)
  23. Travel to Sootscale Caverns; feast with Sootscales
  24. Reach Nettles Crossing; give Nettles the Stag Lord’s corpse & receive his Polearm; finish exploring the area on the far side of the crossing
  25. Explore southward; spot Elk fighting
  26. Travel West to explore far side of river
  27. Set out for Olegs
  28. Reach Olegs
  29. Travel to Restov to present proof of Stag Lord’s defeat & get charter/reward
  30. On the road to Restov

Desnus (31 days)

Returning with charter in hand, the explorers return to the Stag lord’s fort to lay claim to the area surrounding it and found the Kingdom of Stormhaven. The rest of the month is spent clearing the nearby hills for the founding of their first settlement, Bellguard, as settlers begin arriving (one being Lily Teskertin, a lady of unusual talents).


Sarenith (30 days)

Bellguard founded. Bellguard Keep built out of the ruins of the Stag Lord’s fort.

8. Recruit Lily to be Spymaster, Job as Marshal; Spend afternoon clearing Haunted Hill of Zombies.
9-23. Downtime.

Book of Days

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