Character Creation

Beyond following the Kingmaker Player’s Guide here are the basics:

If rolled at the table in front of the GM, stats are the usual roll 4d6, pick out the best three, spread as you will. If made on your own reconnaissance, use either the Heroic point-buy method or the Evil GM dice roller (make sure to use the 2e method V button, putting in both my & your emails for confirmation -from here on out that’s the only way I’ll accept such results).


Besides what is mentioned in the KMPG, certain traditional monster races may be “unlocked” as PC/ally races in play (at the moment, the only “unlocked” race available is Kobold). At least half the group should be Human, preferably from Brevoy. Also, Races with above average RP will have their level mods counted as a penalty against their max Hero Point total and any possible Mythic level gains, presuming that optional rules set ever comes into play. At this point, except for any exceptions I’ve already made, only the Core races (+ Changelings & Kobolds) are allowed.


In addition to the Core, APG & Ultimate classes, I’m allowing the following others from other sources…

  • The Temptress (from the Conan RPG)
  • The Archivist & the Dread Necromancer (both from the Heroes of Horror D&D 3.5 supplement)
  • The Assassin, Monster Hunter, Noble & Survivor (from the PF Freeport Companion)
  • Assorted classes from Tome of Secrets
  • The Machinesmith from Neoexodus
  • Assorted Genius Guide classes (such as the Anachronistic Adventurers series and those covered in the Adventurer’s Handbook).
  • Certain variant classes/archetypes from Kobold Quarterly.

That all being said (and I know that gives a great number of tasty tasty options), please try to use traditional PF classes (possibly with Archetypes) when you can and be mindful of the party as a team needs certain roles to be filled to succeed.

Various Feats, Archetypes and what-not…

…may also be allowed from these & other sources as I see fit on a case-by-case basis. No Drawbacks or Flaws please. Leadership is a special case – please see the changes posted here.


As usual, you get two. Where possible, try not to take the same ones as others – I don’t want to see “Rich Family” more than once, for example.

Hero Points…

…are in play. Dropping the Plot-twist option though, for the sake of simplicity.

  • Note: PCs that are higher level than the current adventure supports do NOT get hero points (once their level falls in line, they may get them as normal). If the ACR of the party proves too high, the hero point system will be put in abeyance until APL falls within the appropriate level of the scenario. PCs who fall bellow the levels required for the adventure will get a bonus Hero Point for each level short (the max of 3 remains).
  • Note 2: Antihero option is not in play.
Minions and flunkies

As mentioned above, the Leadership feat is restricted, due to group size. Similarly Animal Companions, Familiars (except for Witches), the Squire feat and similar combat allies beyond what we currently have are banned. Except for when the party size drops to 5 or less, Summon spells and Animate dead are restricted to minimum number rolled for possible number of allies added, and such summons (as well as grandfathered-in allies) always move on your initiative.

New/replacement characters

New or replacement PCs come in at the starting level suitable for the current leg of the adventure path (currently 4th). Wealth-by-level guidelines being just that, PCs get normal starting cash. Alignments should float towards the Lawful/Neutral spectrum given the current party proclivities, and Paladins/Anti-paladins (or other similarly restrictive characters) are discouraged. Summoners beyond Kazooie are banned outright, until such a time as the party size drops (and the Synthisist archetype will be similarly banned in any case due to poor writing).

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Character Creation

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