House Rules

Chips & other markers

Yellow poker chips are in play being used for Hero points. Glass beads are used for Grit points (for the rare Gunslinger).


The Critical & Fumble decks are in play. Condition cards are handy if we need ’em. A Harrow deck is handy purely for in-character prop & play (Towers, anyone?). Plot Twist cards may be “bought” with Hero points on a one-per-one basis; any unspent Plot-twist cards revert to hero points at the end of a session.

Ultimate Combat options

The following variant rules (from Ultimate Combat)are in play:

  • Called Shots are in play, though as always completely optional.
  • Piecemeal Armor is an available option for those who want to mix and match.

The rule of 1 & 20

A roll of 1 always fails, just as a 20 always succeeds. This applies to skill checks and attribute tests, saves & combat checks.

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House Rules

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