This Wild and Untamed Land

Quests, quests, quests

Tim's diary

We have now been exploring the area around Oleg’s Trading Post for approximately two weeks. Dorn, Kazooie, and Tim traded a spare horse to some kobolds for a sack of Moon Radishes, which we then gave to Oleg’s wife. We hired Anando, a scholar, sage, & chef, and Jacoby, a porter. There was a gypsy at the outpost, and Kazooie had her pluck some of his feathers before we continue our qusets. Later, in the wildness, we were attacked by & killed two wild boars. We took the carcasses back to Oleg, who gave us rations for the meat. Back in the wilderness we were attacked by a spider. After triumphing, we discovered a human corpse in it’s lair. The corpse’s clothing contained a treasure map. We followed the map to a tree south of Oleg’s, and found a masterwork dagger, a spellbook, a wand (burning hands), & a ring (non-magical) buried there.

Back at the trading post, we were joined by Deus, then hired Valesca, a woman who has a gypsy wagon, has some healing abilities, and is very friendly. Back in the wilderness, we came upon a bridge. The man who used to run the bridge, Devik Netel, seemed to have been turned into an undead creature. He will allow us to cross the river once we throw the body of Stallord (from another quest) in it. We left, and went on to explore other areas. We stumble upon an area that contains a type of small (2 foot ?) creatures called mites. We discover a lair underneath a tree. After killing two mites in a quick battle, we come upon five more. They have tortured three kobolds to death, and are working on a fourth. We kill two mites, and the others flee. The kobold we rescued joins the party. Exploring the lair further, Dorn, Deus, and Kazooie climb down 20 feet into a large chamber, and are met by a giant centipede. The centipede renders Deus unconscious, but the rest of us, led by Dorn exterminate it. We are heading back to the surface to meet up with the hired help. We will have to consider the parties condition before deciding if we should go on in the wilderness or return to Oleg’s.


GrendelTodd HugoBizarreski

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