prospective hellknight signifier


I was given to the hell-knights with no place to turn when my parents were killed by unforeseen circumstances. As a boy I was a happy one even though my parents were gone until I was ten found out that my parents were murdered and I turned dark even for a devil’s standard. This did not last though with the help of a cleric who cleared my mind or so he thought. In fact I retained some of my pain as an inexorable drive to push me to ever greater heights and so I quickly mastered magic. At 20 I was sent out by the order to gain real experience until I was deemed ready to take the sigil I had yearned for since I had discovered what my parents had succumbed to. Because of my parents I have chosen to go down the path of the nail since brigands are most likely the ones who killed them.

1. Brigands will not be suffered for they are a blight on law.
2. Demons have no rights, they are to chaotic, and thus are lesser creatures who must be destroyed.
3. I will kill those who are in my way but I will not cull the heard if I can avoid it.
4. The end is greater then the means but I should not hurt stander by’s.
5. If I cannot get info torture will be used.
6. I will work with good if it furthers my goals.
7. I will work with chaos only if their chaotic nature is less then our enemies chaotic nature.
8. Savagery must be quelled, in the land, home, and mind
9. A good person is always better then a chaotic one.


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