Half-orc mounted warrior


Guunth of the Order of the Pale Dragon, born of the Valley of Thunder.

Guunth is a member of the elite mounted cavalry known as the Order of the Pale Dragon. Trained by the finest sword scions within the order, Guunth has been dispatched to promote the ideals of his order and carry out quests worthy of grand story telling and advance the betterment of Brevoy. While he has excelled in his martial studies, he has not thoroughly thought out the implications of achieving glory in the back end wilderness terrain where no one is likely to notice what he’s up to. He is accompanied by his mount, Sabre, a horse bred and trained by the order to excel in battle, and his old family horse, Morhtawk, a foul tempered elder steed who detests being touched by anyone except orcs.

Guunth was born to a human farmer and an orc hunter. They met when her orc clan wandered into the valley where he farmed. She took to trading him game for supplies. They became smitten with each other, when the clan decided to take the valley as clan land. Guunth’s mother sided with Guunth’s father, against the clan, and defended his farm. When the fighting settled, her status elevated to clan champion, and he got to keep his farm. They married and gave birth to Guunth.

Guunth was eventually kicked out of the clan when he competed for an orc mate. He overplayed his challenge and lost, forcing banishment. He later came to realize that this was a good path, as it led him to the Order of the Pale Dragon, where he finally found his calling. He emerged from the order with a tattoo on his chest of a female dragon with orc features. The dragon does not conform to any known specific species of dragon, but it’s artistic rendering is quite good.


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